Victims of Crime Need to Know Their Rights - Jessalyn Dorsey

For over 18 years I have advocated for victims’ rights and walked victims through the judicial system. I saw a need to support crime victims based on my own traumatic event, for which I was completely unprepared. In 1999, I lost my child to gunfire outside of a neighborhood birthday party. That tragic day reshaped my life. I went from despair over the murder of my only child to becoming a committed advocate for crime victims and survivors.

Marsy’s Law Will Help to Ensure that Victims are not Re-Victimized - Shelly Hall

Voters passed Marsy’s Law for Georgia by more than 80 percent in 2018, demonstrating overwhelming support for strong crime victims’ rights. As our state moves to implement these new constitutional rights, there’s still much work to do to ensure victims know their rights and know how to demand them in our judicial process.

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