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Having successfully advocated for the establishment of meaningful and enforceable victims' rights in the state, Marsy’s Law for Georgia continues to champion the rights of crime victims. While we do not represent individuals or provide legal advice, our website is a valuable resource for those seeking legal representation or more information about the assertion and enforcement of victims’ rights in Georgia.

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Additional Resources

Prosecuting Attorney’s Council (PAC) of Georgia is a Marsy’s Law for Georgia partner that provides a number of important services to the hundreds of elected and appointed prosecutors across the State of Georgia.

Among the duties performed by the Council staff are:

      1. Training, professional development, and continuing legal education
      2. Legal research assistance and preparation of prosecution manuals.
      3. Professional responsibility guidance and legislation review and analysis
      4. Trial and appellate practice support
      5. Payroll, procurement, budgeting and asset management
      6. Technology procurement, information management, and communications

Learn more by visiting their website here.

To find contact information for your local District Attorney or Solicitor-General, please visit


Georgia Crime Victim's Rights Notification Card

The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, in partnership with the Marsy’s Law for Georgia Advisory Committee, has created the Georgia Crime Victim’s Rights Notification card. This printable notification card outlines victims’ rights under the Georgia Constitution and the Georgia Crime Victims Bill of Rights. The card is intended for use by prosecutors, law enforcement, victim advocates, and victim assistance organizations to help educate crime victims on their rights as well as connect them with valuable resources.


To access the card, visit: