Candidates for Governor Back Marsy's Law


Republicans this week are set to nominate a candidate for governor who strongly supports Marsy’s Law for Georgia. Both candidates, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp, have announced their support for adding crime victims’ rights to the state constitution. 

Kemp recently recorded a statement in support of Marsy’s Law while out on the campaign trail.

“Victims and their families deserve to know when their attacker is back out on the streets,” Kemp said on the video. “Marsy’s Law guarantees that victims and their families receive notifications of court proceedings, including when the accused is released on bail. Join me Nov. 6 in protecting victims of crime; join me in voting for Marsy’s Law for Georgia.” 



Likewise, Cagle championed passage of Marsy’s Law for Georgia through the state Senate, which voted unanimously this year to put the measure on the General Election ballot.

“These simple protections give victims the right to notifications from the legal system when there are important events in the legal cases of those who hurt them,” said Cagle. “They will be told when there’s a court hearing for the accused; they will be told when there’s a bail or parole hearing for the convicted. They will get the chance to speak in court if they wish and they’ll be able to give their input to the prosecutor. For victims, these rights give them the ability to take steps to protect themselves when the person who injured them is released from custody. For some, it could mean the difference between life and death.”