Partnering with Faith Communities

On Nov. 9, Marsy’s Law for Georgia hosted a crime victims’ breakfast forum for pastors.

Speaking to a room full or clergy members and church leaders in Dunwoody, Pastor Kenny Pugh joined Marsy’s Law representatives to discuss the need of the faith community to actively support stronger protections for those affected by crime in their churches.

“You have countless people populating the pews on Sunday who are trying to find ways out of their situations and an avenue of escape,” Pugh said. “I support Marsy’s Law and I hope you will too because it empowers victims and gives them a stronger voice. As members of the faith community, we need to stand up for those who have lost their voice.”

Overseer Stephen Howard from Jonesboro spoke of his own experience in the criminal justice system.

“The criminals behind bars are told what their rights are and they are able to enforce those rights. Yet, the victim is often not even told what their rights are. This has to change.”

Marsy’s Law for Georgia also spread the word to the Women’s International Interfaith Group on Nov. 12 in Cherokee County.

This has over 900 active Facebook group members around Georgia and many of those members meet on a regular basis in member’s homes to have a devotion time, fellowship with each other and to hear from speakers on issues important to women.

Group was united in support of Marsy’s Law and members will join us for our lobby at the state Capitol on Feb. 1.