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Christy Sims Knows Victims Need Notification and Representation

House Vote

Marsy’s Law for Georgia passes House 169-0

For Immediate Release

March 27, 2018


Marsy’s Law for Georgia passes House 169-0

Patrica and Patrix Were Not Notified When Their Brother’s Murderer was Released From Jail

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Marsy's Law for Georgia Capitol Day Leaves Lasting Impression

More than 250 Georgians filled the state Capitol February 1st wearing purple Marsy’s Law T-Shirts and ready to press the case for equal rights for crime victims.

Partnering with Faith Communities

On Nov. 9, Marsy’s Law for Georgia hosted a crime victims’ breakfast forum for pastors.

"Hello, Beautiful" - Tamiko's Story

Tamiko Pugh, an author, and activist against domestic violence, lives in Austell. Below, she shares her story and why she supports Marsy’s Law for Georgia.