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Sheriff’s Office Amends Procedure to Protect Family Violence Victims

Lt. Keith AddisGeorgia is making progress with victims' rights! The Sheriff's office in Coweta County has amended its procedures and is training staff to notify victims of their rights. The new procedures are aimed at providing better protection for victims of domestic violence. 

The Importance of the Criminal Record Responsibility Act and Why a Statewide Database is Vital to Victims’ Rights

By Melvin Hewitt, Isenberg & Hewitt, PC Partner, and Victims’ Advocate

I would like to take this opportunity to applaud Governor Brian Kemp’s support of crime victims by signing SB 441, the Criminal Record Responsibility Act (CRRA), into law on April 27, 2022 — during the middle of Crime Victims’ Rights Week (April 24-30). By passing this bill, Georgia is putting victims first in the criminal justice process.



Marsy’s Law for Georgia Adds Three New Members to Advisory Board

Pierce Blitch, Derek Marchman, and Sheriff Gregory Countryman join the board of established legal experts and victim advocates to elevate victims’ rights across Georgia


Brandon Hembree Provided CRRA Update to GOVS Conference In May

The Georgia Office of Victim Services, a division of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles recently conducted a training conference for the state’s district attorneys and their victim-witness assistance offices.

As part of the conference, Brandon Hembree, a partner with Impact Public Affairs and the mayor of Sugar Hill provided an update on the Criminal Record Responsibility Act (CRRA). 


Marsy’s Law for Georgia Appoints Pierce Blitch as New Advisory Board Member

Pierce Blitch brings his expert legal experience to serve as the newest addition to Marsy’s Law for Georgia advisory board. Blitch will provide leadership and guidance alongside the entire board to advocate for Georgia’s crime victims’ equal rights.

Blitch currently serves as an associate at the law firm Fleming & Nelson located in Evans, Georgia. His practice areas include personal injury, family law, local government specializing in law enforcement matters, criminal defense, business/corporate, general civil litigation, and general civil and domestic mediation. 


Gov Kemp signs Criminal Record Responsibility Act (CRRA) into Law

CRRA SigningRecently, Governor Kemp signed the Criminal Record Responsibility Act (CRRA). In addition to improving communication protocols within the judiciary, the new law will enhance the safety of innocent victims and community members alike. The new “Criminal Case Data Exchange Board” will provide a central platform to determine and oversee statewide electronic reporting processes.