Marsy’s Law for Georgia Recognizes Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan With Champion Award


Duncan receives challenge coin for his support resulting in the Criminal Record Responsibility Act and Victim Notification Package’s unanimous passing in the Senate


ATLANTA – March 23, 2022 - Marsy’s Law for Georgia is proud to present Georgia Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan with its Champion Award Challenge Coin for his outstanding work in drafting and introducing the Criminal Record Responsibility Act (CRRA) and Victim Notification Package to the General Assembly. In addition, his support helped to get the bill passed in the State Senate unanimously. The legislation aims to begin the process of developing a comprehensive solution to the fragmented county court systems and inconsistent data entry throughout Georgia into the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). By putting the State on track for consolidated criminal data, Georgia is set on the path toward a true statewide automated victim notification system.  

“The Lt. Governor has been such a pivotal advocate to victims,” said Dr. Tamiko Pugh, Marsy’s Law Advisory Board Member, life coach, and victim rights advocate. “It is because of his tireless efforts that the Criminal Record Responsibility Act and Victim Notification Package passed through the Senate 53-0 and we have no doubt that the Georgia House of Representatives will respond similarly.”

Champion Award Challenge Coins are a keepsake that represents outstanding achievements within an organization and are awarded when individuals overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve their goals. Marsy’s Law for Georgia is proud to recognize individuals with challenge coins as a token of their commitment to justice and dedication to raising awareness of victims’ rights.

“The path to justice does not stop when a perpetrator has been arrested but continues throughout the trial process and beyond an offender’s sentencing,” said Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. “With a focus on victims’ rights and modernizing the state’s criminal data reporting system, the Criminal Records Responsibility Act is designed to lessen the trauma and injustice for victims and those who have been exonerated with accurate and up-to-date data in the GCIC. I am honored to have worked closely with Marsy’s Law for Georgia on this bill and am humbled by this recognition.”

The passing of the CRRA bill comes at a momentous time as we approach National Crime Victims’ Rights Week April 24-30. More information on the CRRA can be found here and Victim Notification Package can be found here.

The presentation occurred in the Lt. Governor’s office on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, and was attended by esteemed Marsy’s Law for Georgia’s representatives, including Advisory Board members Dr. Tamiko Pugh; Beverly Muhammad, Atlanta Victim Assistance; Carla Rieffel, Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia Comms Director; Mel Hewitt, Isenberg and Hewitt Partner; Harralyn Rawls, Fellowship Community Outreach & Resource CEO; Natalie Williams, Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Victim Services Project Coordinator; Chief Andrea Alibi, Fulton County Solicitor’s Office and the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia Executive Director Pete Skandalakis.

Past Marsy’s Law Challenge coin recipients include Peter Skandalakis, Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council (PAC) of Georgia’s executive director, Kimya Motley and Beverly Muhammad, Marsy’s Law for Georgia Advisory board members, and Senator John Lewis. More recipients will be announced throughout the year. To nominate a crime victim’s advocate for consideration, please contact Frances Chang at [email protected]


Photos of the event can be viewed here.


Pictured in the photo from left to right are: Harralyn Rawls, Marsy’s Law for Georgia Advisory Board Member and Fellowship Community Outreach & Resource CEO/Co-Founder; Beverly Muhammad, Marsy’s Law for Georgia Advisory Board Member and Atlanta Victim Assistance Advocate; Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan; Carla Riefel Bozeman, Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia Comms Director; Pete Skandalakis, Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia Executive Director and Dr. Tamiko Pugh, Marsy’s Law for Georgia Advisory Board Member, Life Coach and Victim Advocate.


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In 2018, Marsy’s Law amended the Georgia State Constitution to include a Bill of Rights for victims of violent crimes during criminal proceedings. The constitutional amendment received broad support and assures rights for victims, including standing to petition a court if they feel that their rights have been violated. Georgia is one of the numerous states across the country that have added Marsy’s Law to their constitutions in recent years. To learn more about Marsy’s Law Georgia, visit Victims and supporters interested in sharing their stories can email [email protected]


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