Marsy’s Law for Georgia Advisory Board Member Addresses Georgia Sheriffs' Association Conference

Marsy’s Law for Georgia Advisory Board Member Derek Marchman had the pleasure of speaking with a dedicated group of law enforcement officers at the Georgia Sheriffs' Association Conference on Sex Offender Registry Management at Great Wolf Lodge in LaGrange, Georgia, last month.  

Going beyond simply explaining the rights victims have in Georgia under Marsy's Law, Professor Marchman focused on the idea that officers may take for granted the importance of informing victims of their rights and providing tools to correct this behavior. Marchman then emphasized how the implementation of these rights significantly improves the investigation of sexual assault cases and how it can eventually lead to successful prosecution.  

More importantly, he demonstrated that it is not only our responsibility to provide information to the victim or their family, but that using the rights as a character-based initiative would be beneficial to instilling trust with the victim, their family, and the community.

As one deputy commented, “When it is presented as simply as Marchman has, it is hard to understand why we don’t already make sure we automatically provide this vital information and service.”