Collins Endorses Crime Victims' Rights

For Immediate Release 

Oct. 10, 2018 


Collins Endorses Crime Victims' Rights


U.S. Rep. Doug Collins (R-Gainesville) has endorsed Marsy's Law for Georgia, an amendment on the ballot in November that would give constitutional rights to crime victims.

"Victims of violent crime deserve our compassion and our action as Georgians," Collins said. "Lawmakers were right to give citizens of this state the chance to update Georgia's constitution to better reflect their values, and I look forward to standing with crime victims and their families by voting for Marsy's Law this November." 

Marsy's Law for Georgia passed both houses of the Georgia General Assembly unanimously during the 2018 session, securing the 2/3 majority needed to get on the ballot this November. Marsy's Law for Georgia will become part of the state constitution if it passes with a simple majority in the General Election.

Georgia is one of only a few states that have no constitutional rights for crime victims, and numerous states will vote on adding Marsy's Law to their constitutions this year. Marsy's Law for Georgia will give victims constitutional rights to be notified of judicial proceedings and bail or parole hearings, the right to be heard in court if they wish and the standing to seek a judicial remedy if their rights are not carried out. 

"As a state legislator and as a congressman, I have championed criminal justice reforms that have saved tax dollars and gotten better outcomes," said Collins, who is vice chair of the House Republican Conference. "Enshrining crime victims' rights in the state constitution complements those reforms perfectly. I encourage my fellow Georgians to vote yes on Amendment 4."